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Introducing GST Manager - the first real time online GST payment solution with accounting software integration capabilities in Malaysia. With BizChannel@CIMB’s GST Manager, you can have a complete view and control over your GST payments. The accounting software integration would allow you to track your GST payment amounts and pay them instantly via BizChannel@CIMB without the hassle of filling up the details all over again.



• Single payments
• Bulk payments
• Straight through GST payment creation from accounting software
• Supports future dated payments


• GST payment status
• Online and downloadable GST payment history reports



On time GST payments

• Real time online payments for GST
• Secure year-round access from anywhere

Minimise payment errors

• Streamline payments for GST
• Reduce manual data entry

Easy tracking and reconciliation for GST transactions

• Payment status for easy reconciliation
• Payment history and reports for tracking and audit purposes


• No cheque transaction fees
• Minimal integration cost

Value-added services from tax advisors and software providers

• Attractive pricing and packages
• Advisory services from tax agents
• GST-compliant accounting software

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