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Getting Extra Cash  
If your property has increased in value, you can take advantage of that to get some extra cash. Here’s how: with the amount of money you have already paid through your installments, subtract the balance from the current market value of your home – you’ll get what we call a home equity. This increases as your balance decreases. For example, if your home has been appraised for RM200,000 and you owe RM125,000 on your home financing package, your home equity is RM75,000. That can come in very handy if you need cash for other financial obligations.
Our Popular Product(s)
Prime Mortgage 
Fixed Rate Package 
Why This Product? A package that allows existing CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic home financing customers to apply for a higher financing amount in view of a property that has appreciated in value. A package that allows existing CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic business premises financing customers who wish to apply for higher loan amount based on their pledged property which has appreciated in value.
Offers flexibility in repayments where you can deposit any amount, anytime
Excess repayments will be used to offset the principal loan amount for interest calculation
Combine loan account with current account to facilitate withdrawal of excess cash
Cheque book provided
Re-pricing option every 3 years or lapse of lock-in period, whichever is later at prevailing board rate
Earn 0.1 Bonus Point for every RM1 financing
Preferential rates
Exclusively for Prime Banking customers only. Please click here for more information on Prime Banking.

Type of Property All types of residential properties All types of completed business premises All types of residential property  
Margin of Financing 90%+5% 85%+5% 90%+5%  
Low Initial Package
(Pay Interest only during first 3 years)
No No No No  
Pay Half Package
(50% during tenure remaining at the end)
No No No No  
Eligibility Existing CIMB customer Existing CIMB customers  
Zero Moving Cost No No No No  
Investment Package
(No lock-in period)
No No No No  
Free Up Equity
(Get additional cash)
No No No No  

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