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Current Accounts  
If you have high payment volumes every month, an account that comes with a chequebook will make things a lot easier. Just write a cheque for each transaction you need to make and send them off. Some current accounts even pay interest or hibah (profit) if you maintain a balance, so they are as good as savings accounts. This means you only need one account instead of multiple ones. An overdraft facility can also be added to your current account if you need additional funds.
Internet Banking
Log in to conduct a wide range of banking transactions such as funds transfers (inclusive of Interbank Funds Transfer & Western Union Money Transfer Services), bill payments, prepaid reloads, online account opening, online share trading, cheque management and so much more
Mobile Banking
You can conduct a wide range of banking transactions such as funds transfers, bill payments, cheque management and so much more. Bank from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, safely and securely.
You can also withdraw cash via our Automated Teller Machines(ATMs) and perform cash deposits via our Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) as well as cheque deposits via our Cheque Deposit Machines (CQMs). These machines are available nationwide to save you the hassle of queuing at the branch.
Guide on Internet Banking & ATM Usage
Let's treat convenience responsibly
Phone Banking
Call our toll-free line and gain access to your CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic accounts. Enjoy the convenience of performing financial transactions over the telephone beyond office hours.

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