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Money Multiplier Account  

CIMB Bank Money Multiplier Account is an interest bearing account, which offers high interest rate with withdrawal flexibility. Enjoy the interest, which is paid on entire daily balances of above RM10,000.

Features and Benefits:

High Daily Interest - Daily interest will be paid on entire daily balances provided the balance exceeds RM10,000 on any given day. Interest will be accrued on the entire balance at the published rate, compounded monthly.

3 FREE withdrawals a month (subsequent withdrawals would be charged RM5).

Withdrawal flexibility - withdrawal / debit can be made through cheques, ATM or over the internet. Customers will be issued ATM card and cheque book.

No monthly maintenance fee.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Eligible for protection by PIDM. Click here for PIDM's brochure


Individuals aged 18 years and above who are either residents or non-residents.

Joint account is allowed.


Minimum initial deposit of RM1,000.

Completed application form which are available at our branches.

NRIC or passport.

Credit balance exceeding RM10,000 will earn 2.50% interest p.a. (subject to change from time to time).

1 Interest chargedĀ on debit balance Minimum of RM5 or actual interest charged, whichever is higher
2 Stamp duty on cheques RM0.15 per cheque leaf
3 Processing fees on cheques RM0.50 per transaction (effective 2 January 2015)
4 Despatch of cheques books by registered mail within Malaysia & Singapore RM10 per cheque book, irrespective of size
5 Cheque Books not collected after 30 days RM30 per cheque book
6 Cheque Return Charges - Insufficient Funds RM100 per cheque
7 Cheque Return Charges - Stop Payment with Insufficient Balance. RM100 per cheque
8 Cheque Return Charges - Post Dated Cheque RM10 per cheque (to be paid by depositor)
9 Cheque Return Charges - Technical Reasons No charge
10 Stop Payment Instruction RM10 per instruction, irrespective of number of cheques
11 Closing of Current Account (within 3 months of its opening) RM20 & a half-yearly service charge on a prorate basis based on the number of completed months the account has been maintained
12 Closing of Current Account (after 3 months of its opening) RM10 & a half-yearly service charge on a prorate basis based on the number of completed months the account has been maintained
13 Third Party Cheque Encashment RM2 per cheque
14 Letter of Reference RM30 per letter
15 Referral of Cheques RM50 per cheque
16 DCHEQS Appeals (Removal from DCHEQS Offenders Blacklist) RM50 per appeal
17 DCHEQS Appeals (Revoke of DCHEQS Incidents) RM50 per account
18 Service charge for Inward Unpaid Items (Unpaid Cheques Deposited) RM5 per envelope
19 Dormant Account Activities Fee RM10 annually after the date of notice sent to account holder
20 Dishonoured cheque account appeals RM50 per account
21 ATM card annual fee RM8
22 Debit card annual fee RM15

Additional Charges:

A service charge of RM5 per transaction will be levied for subsequent withdrawals / debits during the month.

A half yearly service fee of RM10 if the average balance is less than RM1,000

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