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Demand Draft  

A Demand Draft or bank draft is a cheque drawn by a bank on its Head Office, on a branch or on another bank for payment outside the local area, either domestically or abroad.

Features and Benefits:

Transferring funds within and outside the country.

If funds are to be sent abroad, the draft is drawn on a bank in a foreign country in the appropriate currency.
Demand Draft is paid for by the customer at the time of issue. The customer sends the draft to the payee who presents it at the drawee bank for payment.
Types of Demand Draft:-

Local Demand Draft (RM).

Foreign Demand Draft (foreign currency).
For issuance of MIDF and MIH shares issue.

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Terms & Conditions Apply

1 Demand Draft
i) Local Demand Draft
- Telex / Fax charges
- SWIFT charges

ii) Foreign Demand Draft
FDD denominated in Malaysian Ringgit
FDD denominated in foreign currency less then RM5,000
FDD denominated in foreign currency more then RM5,000


no charge

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