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Ceria Malaysia  

Ceria Malaysia is a unique and affordable critical illness plan that is suitable for anyone as young as 30 days old or as old as 70 years old.*

This is a non-participating yearly guaranteed renewable term accelerated critical illness insurance plan that is specially designed to insure against the 36 critical illnesses. It comes with hospital income benefit (HIB) that provides you with daily cash. Furthermore, in an unfortunate event of death due to any causes or diagnosed of any of the 36 critical illness conditions, a lump sum payment will be payable to your loved ones.

Ceria Malaysia is initiated by the National Insurance Association of Malaysia (NIAM).

*Eligible entry age is from 30 days old up to 55 years old.

Features and Benefits
  1. Stand alone 36 Critical Illnesses plan
  2. Death coverage
  3. Daily Hospital Income Benefit
  4. Highly affordable
  5. Hassle free enrolment with simple health declaration
  6. Choice of 4 pre-packaged plans
  7. Tax relief up to RM3,000 rebate per tax year under the Medical & Health Insurance category if the first RM6,000 under the Life Insurance/KWSP category has been fully utilised
  8. Multiple policies allowed up to a total sum assured of RM500,0001

1 Allowable up to RM500,000 total sum assured for ages 45 and below per life assured and up to RM200,000 total sum assured for ages 46 and above per life assured.

4 pre-packaged plans to choose from, it’s easy and hassle free to enroll
Protection benefits

Sum assured

Critical illness (CI)
Natural death
Accidental death
Daily hospital income benefit (HIB)
RM50 per day
RM100 per day
RM150 per day
RM200 per day
Example of ANNUAL premiums for a 30-year old*
*Annual premiums will increase according to attained age.
  1. 60 days waiting period: applicable for specified illnesses and its HIB payment. Specified illnesses are Angioplasty And Other Invasive Treatments For Major Coronary Artery Disease, Cancer, Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery, Heart Attack And Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease.
  2. 30 days waiting period: applicable for other critical illnesses, natural death and its HIB payment.
  3. HIB claim benefit covers up to maximum of 45 days per policy year and is subject to a lifetime limit of 300 days on hospitalisation.
  4. Juvenile lien is applicable for children aged 4 and below.


Age at entry basis: Age Last Birthday

Age at Entry
Life Assured
30 days
50 years old
Policy Owner
18 years old
No limit
Renewable up to 69 years old

Type of premium:
• Annual premium varies by attained age last birthday, gender, and plan.
• Renewability of this product is guaranteed subject to the payment of premium. No underwriting is required upon renewal.

Method of payment:
• Payment of premiums can be made via cheque, cash, credit card or direct debit.
• Direct debit: Account details and bank are collected upfront in the proposal form and transaction is carried out on subsequent year premium only. First annual premium is payable via cheque, cash or credit card.

For more information, please refer to the product summary available upon request to the Personal Financial Consultant or Relationship Manager at CIMB Bank branches.

Underwritten by by Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad (197499-U) 

Disclaimer: The description of the features of this Product herein is not a contract of insurance and is only a brief summary of the Product for quick and easy reference. The precise terms and conditions are contained in the Policy Document of Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad, the Insurer. The bank accepts no responsibility or liability for this Product and services offered by the Insurer.

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