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Unit Trusts  
Investing to secure your future is important, but it's equally important to feel comfortable with the investments you make. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you match your risk/return profile to the appropriate unit trusts.

What’s more as a CIMB Prime Plan customer, enjoy Bonus Points when you invest from the respective investment products. Please click here for more information on CIMB Prime Plan.
Our Popular Product(s)
Shariah Solution(s)
CIMB-Principal Deposit
CIMB-Principal Money Market Income
CIMB Islamic Deposit
CIMB Islamic Money Market
Fixed Income
AmIncome Flexi 2
AmIncome Flexi 3
CIMB-Principal Bond
CIMB-Principal Enhanced Opportunity Bond
CIMB-Principal Strategic Bond
CIMB-Principal Strategic Income Bond 2 (closed-ended)
Eastspring Investments Asia Select Income
Eastspring Investments Bond
Eastspring Investments Enhanced Income
Kenanga Income Plus
CIMB Islamic Enhanced Sukuk
CIMB Islamic Sukuk
Hwang AIIMAN Select Income
Kenanga Bon Islam
RHB-OSK Islamic Bond
Local Equity
AmMalaysia Equity
AmTotal Return
CIMB-Principal Equity
CIMB-Principal Equity 2
CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive 1
CIMB-Principal Equity Aggressive 3
CIMB-Principal Equity Growth & Income
CIMB-Principal Equity Income
CIMB-Principal KLCI-Linked
CIMB-Principal Small Cap
Eastspring Investments Growth
Eastspring Investments Small-cap
Hwang Select Opportunity
Kenanga Blue Chip
Kenanga Growth Opportunities
Kenanga Managed Growth
Kenanga Shariah Growth Opportunities
Pacific Millenium
Pacific Pearl
Pacific Premier
Pacific Recovery
RHB-OSK Capital
RHB-OSK Dynamic
RHB-OSK Equity Trust
RHB-OSK KidSave Trust
RHB-OSK Malaysia Dividend
RHB-OSK Small Cap Opportunity Unit Trust
RHB-OSK Thematic Growth
TA Comet Fund
TA Growth
TA High Growth
CIMB Islamic Al-Azzam Equity
CIMB Islamic Balanced
CIMB Islamic DALI Equity
CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth
CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme
CIMB Islamic Equity
CIMB Islamic Equity Aggressive
CIMB Islamic Small Cap
Eastspring Investments Dana Al-Ilham
Hwang Aiiman Growth
Kenanga Ekuiti Islam
Pacific Dana Aman
RHB-OSK Dana Islam
TA Islamic
Regional Equity
AmAsia Pacific REITs Plus
CIMB-Principal ASEAN Equity
CIMB-Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Income
CIMB-Principal Australian Equity
CIMB-Principal China-India-Indonesia Equity
CIMB-Principal Greater China Equity
Eastspring Investments Asia Pacific Equity
Hwang Select Asia (ex Japan) Opportunity
Hwang Select Asia (ex Japan) Quantum
Pacific Asia Brands
RHB-OSK Asia Consumer
RHB-OSK Asian Growth Opportunities
RHB-OSK Big Cap China Enterprise
RHB-OSK Resources
RHB-OSK US Focus Equity
TA South East Asia Equity
CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific Equity
CIMB Islamic Greater China Equity
Eastspring Investments Asia Pacific Shariah Equity
Global Equity
AmAsia Pacific Property Equities
AmCumulative Growth
AmPan European Property Equities
AmSchroder European Equity
CIMB-Principal Global Titans
Eastspring Investments Global Basics
Eastspring Investments Global Leaders
Hwang Asia Pacific (ex Japan) REITs and Infrastructure
Kenanga Global Real Estate (Closed)
Pacific Global Stars
RHB-OSK Dividend Valued Equity
RHB-OSK Global Capital
RHB-OSK Global Multi Manager
RHB-OSK Gold and General
TA Asian Dividend Income
TA European Equity
AmOasis Global Islamic Equity
AmPrecious Metals
CIMB Islamic Global Commodities Equity
Pacific Dana Dividen
Local Balanced
CIMB-Principal Balanced
CIMB-Principal Balanced Income
CIMB-Principal Income Plus Balanced
Eastspring Investments Balanced
Kenanga Diversified
Kenanga Shariah Balanced
Pacific Income
RHB-OSK Income Fund 1
TA Income
CIMB Islamic Balanced Growth
Eastspring Investments Dana Al-Islah
Hwang Aiiman Income Plus
RHB-OSK Mudharabah

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