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CIMB Partners is a communication platform that enables business partners to interact efficiently with the Bank on operational matters. Through this medium, instruction delivery and receipt, as well as invoicing can be performed more effectively.

e-Valuer is a CIMB Partners service designed to expedite the full valuation report process required to ascertain the actual value of a property financed, through effective management and tracking of the valuer electronically. The system allows CIMB users to monitor the performance of the respective valuers through a pre-determined timeline for all tasks assigned.

e-Solicitor is a CIMB Partners service designed to expedite the loan documentation from assignment of task to solicitor right through to disbursement of facilities, via effective management and tracking of the solicitor’s activities electronically. The system allows CIMB users to monitor the performance of respective solicitors through pre-determined workflow as well as timeline for all assigned tasks. Other than the monitoring functions, the system also acts as a means of communication between CIMB and the solicitors.


The e-dealer online system is a channel in which Auto Finance’s authorized dealers may submit hire purchase applications for credit consideration. It entails the dealer to complete a simple application form and download supporting documents in support of the application.

The e-dealer system is equipped with an in-built intelligent devise that calculates the credit scoring of the applicant. In addition, it is also linked to a fraud detection system that has the ability to alert on potential fraud.

CIMB e-Procurement is a centralised online procurement system for requesting and processing of orders. This includes items such as office stationeries, computer consumables, general forms, security documents, office equipment and IT equipment. From requisition to order placement and fulfilment, CIMB e-Procurement provides a complete solution for today's business needs.
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