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Tailored Advisory Services For Mid-sized Corporations

We ensure that you are provided with relevant solutions that are appropriate for your unique business needs. To manage this effectively, our business relationships with customers are organised through two departments – Medium Enterprise (ME) and Commercial Banking Solutions (CBS).

Our ME department is focused on the needs and aspirations of the SME segment, while our CBS department is dedicated to serving mid-sized corporations with sales turnovers of over RM50 million.

Recognising the distinctive nature of each our business customers, we have dedicated Relationship Managers who are trained to serve mid-sized corporations with customised advisory services. With these relationship management channels, CIMB’s Commercial Banking teams are able to cater to all SMEs and Mid Corps in the market with a constantly-expanding suite of products and services.

We provide a holistic toolset for every business need, ensuring the optimisation of capital for your requirements. We also customise product bundles to suit your business, at any stage.

In addition to general banking needs, we offer both Conventional and Islamic banking, including Shariah-compliant products and services, focusing extensively on these key areas:

  • Capital Expenditure Financing
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Cash Management
  • Trade Finance & Services
  • Treasury
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