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Using JomPAY to collect payments from customers saves time and money, improves cash flow, and makes reconciliation of incoming payments easier.

An instant and secure platform for your business to receive funds without the hassle of exchanging account details. Just register your Business Registration Number (BRN) as DuitNow ID and select your company’s CIMB account to be linked to the DuitNow ID. The senders will be able to transfer funds instantly to your company’s account via DuitNow. 

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Streamline your bulk cash collection and reconciliation process.Customers can deposit cash in bulk by walk-in at any CIMB Bank branch or engage a CIT service.

There are 3 channels for bulk cash collection, namely over-the-counter at all branches, by mobile tellers, and at cash rooms at selected branches. Updated statements are available at BizChannel@CIMB on the next working day.

A convenient way to collect a large volume of cheques with automated reconciliation.Customers may deposit cheques via over the counter at CIMB Bank branches or courier service.

Reports are generated and an automated reconciliation will be done on the next working day.


Collect payments conveniently in a cashless manner. Your smartphone or tablet coupled with the card reader will serve as a mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS) system to accept card payments from customers. Through a downloadable mobile application, the transaction information will be captured and transmitted via Wi-Fi or mobile cellular connections to the central server.

Collect receivables from a large number of payers via BizChannel@CIMB or CIMB Clicks in a secure, convenient and efficient manner. Examples of receivables include assessments and quit rent, club memberships, utility bills, subscriptions, tuition fees, and charity donations. This service is ideal for organisations that require recurring payment collections.

Collect payments directly from your customers’ CIMB Bank accounts or accounts with other participating banks, conveniently and in the most cost-effective manner. This efficient collection service is ideal for regular and recurring payments.

Collect real-time online payments from customers in a fast, secure, and reliable manner via the Financial Process Exchange (FPX), online payment gateway for Malaysia. It facilitates business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) payments and opens new doors for e-commerce.

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