• SWIFT for Corporates

In today's global financial environment, corporates face a growing number of challenges, including multiple channels or platforms for communication between departments and external parties, increasing pressure on cost with growing working capital, stringent compliance requirements to meet, and much more.

To help our customers reduce their costs and risk while increasing efficiency, CIMB has adopted SWIFT for Corporates. SWIFT for Corporates enables our customers to exchange financial information (e.g. payments, account information, and reports) with over 9,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries, using internationally recognised standards and improved automation.

  • Single channel for communication between departments and external parties.
  • Minimising processing cost with increased straight-through processing (STP).
  • Reduces administration and simplifies auditing processes which eventually leads to easier compliance. 
  • Better visibility of cash flow with end-of-day or intra-day reporting in standardised formats, from related banks all over the world. 

SWIFT – single, secure and standardised access to financial institutions

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