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Our Money Market team offers a wide range of products to corporate and institutional investors and depositors to help generate return on their funds.

Repurchase Agreement (REPO) is an alternative investment option for clients' excess funds. The shortest REPO tenure is one day and all clients' funds are secured against underlying securities. Not protected by PIDM.

We also issue NIDs which are tradable in the market. Clients can sell the NID to gain liquidity. Not protected by PIDM.

We offer prices for Malaysian Government Treasury Bills, Bank Negara Monetary Notes, Islamic Treasury Bills and other short-term papers, subject to paper availability in the Bank and in the market.

BA is a bill of exchange drawn on a bank to finance clients' trade transactions. It is a short-term money market instrument that can earn higher yields from your surplus funds. (Subject to availability of BA papers). Not protected by PIDM.

STMMD is an outright placement of funds which gives customers an opportunity to earn interest from their short term funds. It is protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) up to RM 250,000 for each depositor. Simple interest calculation is done based on actual / 365 days.

Please click here for the STMMD Terms & Conditions.

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