• General Working Capital

Term Loan

Our Term Loan facility offers you financing for the purchase of fixed assets, capital expenditure, working capital, bridging financing and other purposes. You have the flexibility to choose the tenor and pricing structure for your facility in order to match your business financing requirements.


Do you need a current account with an approved borrowing limit for the daily running of your business? We offer Overdraft facilities that allow you to draw cheques in excess of the funds available in your account with no fixed repayment schedule.

Revolving Credit

For those short-term periods when your business needs that little bit of extra funds, we can extend you a revolving credit facility. Upon maturity, you have the flexibility of paying back the principal amount fully, making a partial payment or totally renewing the facility for another short-term tenure.

Trade Facilities

We offer a comprehensive range of trade finance solutions to help expedite your international trade and risk mitigation. Our in-depth understanding of local markets enables us to anticipate your needs and maximise opportunities through effective solutions.

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