• Quick Guarantee (QG)
  • A simplified version of our Bank Guarantee applications process with faster turnaround time and simple documentation.
  • The application process is designed to be simple and easy with a single application form.

Fast turnaround time

Between one (1) to three (3) working days

Simplified documentation

Simplified application process with minimal documentation


Available at all CIMB Branches nationwide

  • Individuals and Businesses (registered in Malaysia)
  • CIMB Bank Current Account or Savings Account holders
  • First party application only
  • Subject to CIMB Bank’s approved beneficiary formats

Maximum Amount and Tenor:    

  • Maximum amount of RM500,000 per transaction
    and RM1 million per applicant
  • Maximum tenor of thirty-six (36) months excluding claims period

Documents Required:   

  • Bank Guarantee format from beneficiary (if applicable)
  • Individuals: Copy of customer’s Identification Card (IC)
  • Businesses:
  1. For Sole Proprietors and Partnerships:
    - Copy of Identification Card (IC) (for all owners)
    - Borang D or E
  2. For Sendirian Berhad/ Berhad:
    -Certified true copies of Form 24 and Form 49 by
     company secretary  

Cut-Off Time: 
* 12.00 noon for same day issuance by 4.00 p.m.
(Subject to complete application and stamping of Bank Guarantee is done by customer. In the event where customer requests CIMB Bank to stamp the Bank Guarantee, it may take up to 3 working days for customer to receive the stamped Bank Guarantee.)

Types of Products/Services Fees & Charges Cut-off time for transaction to be processed
Issuance & Amendment 0.15% Per month (including claim period) or minimum RM150.00 

Monday to Friday : 12pm (same day if customer arrange for stamping of Bank Guarantee)

(3 days if Bank arrange for stamping of Bank Guarantee)


For General Charges, please refer to General Charges@Trade

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