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We understand your export documents are essential to facilitate the smooth flow of goods and payments in your export transactions. With our collaboration with DHL, we have established a link that enables you to track and monitor your export documents conveniently.

Now with this quick link, you can track your export documents anytime, anywhere around the world, via the internet.

It's so simple, just click ‘OK’ on the disclaimer window, enter your CIMB export Bill Reference Number/ DHL Airwaybill Number and start tracking!

This online web-based facility is accessible through http://mrt2.ap.dhl.com/CIMB/

CIMB Trade-Backed Contract Financing is developed to provide financing throughout the life-cycle of the contract. It is a self-liquidating financial packages throughout the value chain.

Types of contracts to be financed:

a) Work
b) Maintenance
c) Services
d) Procurement


  • Satisfies both customer and supplier without having to dig deep into the business accounts for funds
  • Pre-financing allows customers to have the opportunity to deal with larger contracts without worrying about upfront payment
  • Saves on working capital and allows for an excess of funds to expand the business


  • Contract-specific
  • Finances construction costs or purchases of supplies
  • Draws against invoices/ architect’s payment certificates
  • Available pre and post financing

CIMB offers you the convenience of settling your cross border trade transactions using Renminbi (“RMB”).

RMB benefits at a glance:

  • Access to direct trade financing in RM and RMB
  • Mitigates foreign exchange exposure
  • Enables natural hedge by trading in RMB Foreign Currency Account
  • Saves on foreign exchange conversion and administrative costs when trading with counterparts in China
  • Strengthens relationships with partners in China

CIMB Group offers complete RMB banking products and services regionally:

Account Services
LC Issuance
Doc. Collection
Trade Settlements
Trade Financing X
Remittances (TT)
FX Spot
FX Forward
FX  Option X X

USD Same Day Trade Settlement is to facilitate faster turnaround time for trade settlements when customer appoints CIMB entities to be:

a) Issuing Bank and Negotiating Bank for Documentary Credit transactions
b) Remitting Bank and Collecting Bank for Documentary Collection transactions 

Online Marine Cargo Insurance/ Marine Cargo Takaful is available at CIMB to protect importers and exporters against loss or damage during the movement of cargo from one port/country to another. The conveyance can be by sea, air or land.

The insurance/takaful cover can be taken by the buyer or the seller based on the sales contract. Usually, most marine insurance/takaful would cover single voyage only.

Single Document Checking Services is CIMB’s document checking service where both the Issuing and Advising/Negotiating Bank of Document Credit are entities within the CIMB Group.

Upon presentation of export documents by the Exporter, the CIMB Negotiating Bank will not check the Documentary Credit documents, but instead email/fax documents to CIMB Issuing Bank to be checked.


  • Faster turnaround time for document checking/ financing
  • Exporters are assured of payment as the CIMB Issuing Bank confirms document compliance
  • Provides flexibility where exporters may replace discrepant documents, even though CIMB Issuing Bank has issued statement of discrepant documents.