• Merchant Solutions

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Fixed line terminals or wireless mobile terminals to help you process payments and points accumulation.

Plug n Pay (MPOS)

A Mobile Point of Sale solution that empowers businesses with secure, cashless transactions via smartphones and tablets.



With CIMB Pay, your mobile phone is your new wallet. Enjoy payment on-the-go and discover attractive deals and promotions right at your fingertips. It’s easy, convenient and secure! Download now from Google Play Store.

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QR Payment Acceptance

CIMB Bank is the first bank in the market to provide terminals that accept six major mobile wallets: Alipay, Touch & Go Digital, Boost, KiplePay, Mcash, and Vcash.


An online service for merchants to access and view e-commerce transactions via CIMB secured payment gateway.


Recurring Payment System

Process and track customers’ recurring payments.

Pay with Points (PWP)

Allow CIMB cardmembers to offset their purchase with CIMB Bonus Points at participating outlets.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Foreign Visa and MasterCard users can opt to pay in their own currency.

Contactless Terminal

A new payment method that increases efficiency as payment is made with just a tap. Personalises customer experience for an improved shopping experience.

Online Instalment Program

Customer can opt for 0% interest free monthly payments through this online platform.

Smart Rewards

Year long campaign with our merchants. E.g. 10% rebate with spend at selected merchants.

CIMB Clicks

Manage and transact from an online banking account with just a few clicks.

0% Easy Pay

0% Easy Pay up to 36 months for convenience of customer payments and the probability of higher value purchase.


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