• CIMB PAY – Your mobile phone is your new wallet

About CIMB Pay

There is no longer a need to carry bulky wallets with CIMB Pay. All your CIMB credit, debit and prepaid cards can now be loaded onto CIMB Pay for easy, convenient and secure payments on-the-go.

Powered by the NFC (Near-Field-Communication) and Masterpass technology, CIMB Pay is built to complement your lifestyle and brings you new digital payment experience. It comes with multi-layered security to ensure you peace-of-mind from fraud and theft.

It is also a comprehensive lifestyle app where you can search, discover and receive the latest, nearest and attractive deals that CIMB cards have to offer.

About CIMB Pay

About CIMB Pay

Go Contactless and Pay #LikeABoss with Douglas Lim

Go Contactless and Pay #LikeABoss with Douglas Lim

Features & Benefits

Convenient payment on-the-go

In-store payments are made easy with just a tap of your mobile phone to a Mastercard® Contactless or Visa payWave terminals or pay online through Masterpass.

Safe & Secure transactions

CIMB Pay implements multi-layered security to keep your information and transactions safe

Latest & greatest deals

Search, discover and receive the best and nearest deals that CIMB cards has to offer

3-step Registration

Register only with your email address. Set-up your passcode and CIMB card to start using CIMB Pay

How CIMB Pay works?

For in-store payments

Step 1: Wake CIMB Pay app

Launch CIMB Pay app by placing mobile phone near to the payment terminal

Step 2: Authenticate app

Authenticate use of app with your fingerprint or passcode

Step 3: Tap mobile to pay

Tap your mobile phone on the terminal to complete payment

Payment completed!

For online payments

Step 1: Proceed to pay

Once you are ready to checkout, click or tap the Masterpass button.

Step 2: Authenticate

Enter your email, select the CIMB Pay wallet and enter passcode. 

Step 3: Choose card and address

Choose desired card and shipping address  for your order. Review your order with the merchant before completing checkout.

Payment completed!

CIMB Pay at a glance

How to set up CIMB Pay?

How to set up CIMB Pay?

How to make payment via CIMB Pay app?

CIMB Pay is secure!

Grab great deals with CIMB Pay!

Where to pay?

For in-store payments

CIMB Pay can be used at any merchant stores equipped with contactless terminals, simply look for the contactless symbol on the terminal readers.


Please note:

  • CIMB contactless terminal accepts both Mastercard and Visa card payment.
  • For non-CIMB contactless terminal, Mastercard payment will be accepted only on Mastercard Contactless terminals while Visa card payment will be accepted only on Visa payWave terminals.

Featured merchants:


For online payments

You can use CIMB Pay through Masterpass online or in app wherever you see the Masterpass button.


Download & Device Compatibilities

Google Play Store

CIMB Pay is available on Android mobile devices running on Android 4.4 or higher.

Full functionality of CIMB Pay is available to CIMB cardholders with compatible Android devices only. Terms and conditions apply.

Recommended devices:

Huawei (P9, Mate 8, Nexus 6p) | Samsung (Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 4 onwards and Galaxy S4 onwards)

Additional Information

Call Our Consumer Contact Centre:
+603 6204 7788
(Local and Overseas)