• eIPO and Share Trading

Sign up with CIMB Clicks for an amazing trading experience. Enjoy special privileges from the comforts of your own home:

  • Online trading conveniences
  • Enjoy as low as RM9.41 (inclusive 6% GST) brokerage fee* when you trade online via CIMB Clicks
  • Enjoy trading limit 1x cash value (include sales value of shares)

*Trading must be made via CIMB Clicks

Brokerage Fee Comparison:

Brokerage Rates (inclusive 6% GST)
Contract Value Phone Order via Central Dealing Team (CDT) CIMB Clicks/i*Trade@CIMB
Up to RM100,000 0.636% 0.4452%
Above RM100,000 0.318% 0.2226%

Clicks Trader offers a wide range of trading conveniences to help you grow your investments minus the hassle. Here's what you need to know about your Clicks Trader Account:


Individuals aged 18 years & above.

Purpose of Account

Solely for trading purposes. Eg. Debit from account for payment of share purchase and/or any contra loss incurred & credit account for sales proceeds and/or contra gain made.

Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit of RM10,000 for opening and must be available at all times to support your trading in Clicks Trader Account, and in order to enjoy as low as RM9.41 (inclusive 6% of GST) brokerage fee (no interest earning).

Mode of Deposit for Initial Account Opening

Over the counter.

Subsequent Mode of Deposit for Trading

All modes. E.g. Over the counter, Cash Deposit Machines, Cheque, Fund Transfer.

Interest Earned


Account Type

Current Account (With Limited Features).

  • NO withdrawal via ATM or over the counter.
  • NO Cheque issuance function.

Account Category

Individual or Joint *. *For Joint Accounts, it has to be "either one to sign".


Cut-off time to deposit money into Clicks Trader account (in order to have trading limit of trading account increase):

Date of successful fund transfer** Time of successful transfer Money Available in Clicks Trader Account Adjustment of Trading Limit in Trading Account
1 From other banks to CIMB Bank's Clicks Trader Account* (Interbank online fund transfer) Today (working day) Before 12pm Next working day Next working day
Today (working day) After 12pm Next two (2) working day Next two (2) working day
Example (a) 2 June 08 10.20 am 3 June 08 3 June 08
Example (b) 2 June 08 3.30 pm 4 June 08 4 June 08
2 From other CIMB account to Clicks Trader Account Today (working day) Anytime Immediate Next working day
Example (c) 2 June 08 10.20 am 2 June 08 3 June 08

* CIMB is not responsible for any changes made by MEPS participating bank for online fund transfer and any delay that might occur during the process undertaken by MEPS.

** The fund transfer initiated from other banks are subject to the operation and terms & conditions of the bank. Please refer to the respective banks for detailed information on cut-off time.


  1. Withdrawals can only be made by account holder via CIMB Clicks (subject to approval by CIMB Investment Bank).
  2. Withdrawal cut-off time for customer is 2pm. The money requested BEFORE 2pm on trading day will only be available on next Kuala Lumpur working day.

Note: For requests made AFTER 2pm on a trading day, money will be available by the end of two (2) Kuala Lumpur working days. If the request for withdrawal via CIMB Clicks falls on a Public Holiday, Saturday or Sunday, then money will be available by the end of two (2) Kuala Lumpur working days.

Statement of Account

Via CIMB Clicks and via monthly mail statement or upon customer request.

Service Fee

Waived (no service fee).


Not required.

Important to note: The available balance in Clicks Trader Account will determine your trading limit.

For starters, you'll need to have the following Accounts:

Savings / Current Account

Drop by any CIMB Bank branch nearest to you and open a Savings or Current Account.

Clicks Trader Account

Securities Trading Account

Download the forms below. All account applications must be made at any CIMB Branch.

PDF Format Here:

  • Clicks Trader Cover Letter
  • Share Trading Account Application Form

You'll also need to sign up for:

  • CIMB Clicks*
  • iTrade Online*

*Applications are made online.

Please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • A minimum deposit of RM10,000 for account opening and must be available at all times to support your trading in Clicks Trader Account. In addition, you can enjoy brokerage fee for as low as RM9.41 (inclusive 6% GST). 
  • Your Clicks Trader Account must have a minimum balance of RM10,000 before the cut-off time in order to have a trading limit (money deposited is solely used for trading).

Can't wait to start trading online with Clicks Trader? You may attempt your first login 4 days after submitting your Share Trading application form at any CIMB Bank Branch.

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1

Log onto www.cimbclicks.com.my

Step 5

You're in!

Step 2

Click on "Share Trading"

Step 3

When asked "Are you an existing CIMB Invest Customer with iTrade facility?", click "Yes".

Step 4

Key-in your iTrade Login ID and Trading Account Number.
Note: iTrade Trading Account Number keyed in should be the one registered along with your Clicks Trader Account.

If you need any help while trading online via CIMB Clicks, please call +603 6204 7788 or email to cimbclicks@cimb.com

For enquiries on iTrade, please call +603 2261 0888 or email to itrade@cimb.com

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