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Transfer your CIMB Bank account funds conveniently within other banks in Malaysia. We've simplified the way you manage your funds from various accounts, be it within the same bank or in a different bank. Now, you can transfer funds securely and at ease.

Enjoy fund transfers to:

  • Your own CIMB Account(s)
  • Third party account within CIMB Bank
  • An account in another bank via Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • An account in another bank via Instant Transfer (IBFT) – Immediate funds transfer!

*Note: Effective 1st July 2017, you may be required to select the Purpose of Payment for transaction where amount is more than RM 10,000.99. Please ensure that you select the closest Purpose of Payment according to the intention of your transfer. The 'Purpose of Payment' declaration is a compulsory Bank Negara Malaysia requirement.

Facts you need to know:

CIMB Clicks Online Banking helps you transfer funds easily. Whether it's topping up your own account or paying others, you'll never have to worry about the risk of handling large amounts of cash. There are two types of funds transfer services offered via CIMB Clicks:

  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
    Enjoy the convenience of transferring funds to any participating bank accounts via IBG. The IBG service allows you to transfer funds up to RM50,000 per day from your CIMB Clicks account to selected accounts in any MyClear member bank.

  • Instant Transfer (IBFT) 
    Need to transfer funds urgently? Worried that you might key in the wrong account number? With IBFT*, transferring funds is simple, fast and secure! Upon keying in the beneficiary account number, the name of the account holder will be displayed so you know your money is going to the right person. Funds will be sent immediately to the recipient's account upon confirmation.
    *IBFT is applicable to selected Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) and foreign participating banks.
Transaction Type Daily Transaction Limit
Normal Preferred Prime Youth
Own Account Transfer No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
Third Party Funds Transfer, Interbank GIRO, DuitNow and Instant Transfer (Combined Limit) RM50,000 RM50,000 RM50,000 RM300
Bill Payment  RM30,000 RM60,000 RM30,000 -
Remittance (Combined Limit for Banker's Cheque, SpeedSend, Foreign Telegraphic Transfer and MoneyGram)  RM10,000 RM10,000 RM10,000 -
Prepaid Reload Services  RM500 RM500 RM500 RM100
For CIMB Clicks mobile application and CIMB EVA, total max limit of favourites and non-favourites is RM10,000 respectively.
Debiting Account Type Transfer Charges
IBG Instant Transfer
All Savings & Current Accounts RM0.00 (effective 1 April 2018) RM0.00 (effective 1 April 2018)
Schedule Transactions for all Savings & Current Accounts RM0.00 (effective 1 April 2018)
Transfer Day Transfer Time Funds Available at Beneficiary Bank* Refund for IBG Unsuccessful Transaction
Monday - Friday Before 5:00 am By 11:00 am

Same day

Immediate By 5:00 pm
5:01 am - 8:00 am By 2:00 pm By 8:20 pm
8:01 am - 11:00 am By 5:00 pm By 11:00 pm
11:01 am - 2:00 pm By 8:20 pm By 11:00 am, next business day
2:01 pm - 5:00 pm By 11:00 pm
After 5:00 pm By 11:00 am,
next business day
By 5:00 pm, next business day
Saturday, Sunday, Federal Territory Public Holiday Anytime By 11:00 am,
next business day
Immediate By 5:00 pm, next business day

*Applicable for all IBG payments and fund transfers to current accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit card payments.

*For transactions initiated up to 5pm on a business day, funds will be available in the beneficiary's account by 11pm on the same business day.

*Crediting of funds to the beneficiary account is subject to the beneficiary bank’s standard operating procedures.

Kindly check the type of accounts accepted by MyClear (for IBG) or MEPS (for IBFT) participating banks. Please ensure that you enter the correct account number and should you have any doubt, please confirm with the beneficiary bank.

The Bank will notify you of any rejected funds via the Failed Transaction History (Pay & Transfer > Transaction History - Change to Failed status at top right).

Note: This list serves as guidance only. CIMB is not responsible for any changes made by participating bank.

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