• CIMB Enrich Acquisition Campaign

Life is better when your retail spend converts into holidays!

Whenever you dine, shop and pay your bills with your CIMB Enrich Credit Card, you will earn  Bonus Miles that you can convert into Enrich Miles to redeem flight tickets!

Plus, your CIMB Enrich credit card comes with these travel perks to sweeten up your travel experiences.


Access to Malaysia Airlines’ Golden Lounge.

Travel Insurance Coverage with flight ticket purchase

Priority Booking for Malaysia Airlines’ Promotions.

Dedicated Travel Assistance via CIMB Premier Travel Desk.

Apply and Spend Now to Receive up to 60,000 Enrich Miles for Amazing Holiday Experiences!

Just apply  and spend with your new  CIMB Enrich credit card  within 60 days from your card approval date to receive these Enrich Miles  that you can redeem for flight tickets to any of these or other destinations.

10,000 Enrich Miles
worth 1X One-way Economy flight to Phuket/Singapore/Medan
with min. spend of RM3,000


30,000 Enrich Miles
worth 1X  Return Economy flight to Bali/Hong Kong/New Delhi
with a min. spend of RM9,000


60,000 Enrich Miles
worth 1X Return Economy flight
 to Melbourne/Tokyo/Seoul
with a min. spend of RM18,000


Miles required for redemption is based on fares and vary according to flight and seat availability, passenger demand, seasonality and ticket condition.


Campaign Period: 1 November 2018 – 30 April 2019

Apply for a CIMB Enrich Credit Card of Your Choice Today!

CIMB Enrich Platinum Credit Card

Minimum income required: RM24,000 per annum.

CIMB Enrich World Credit Card

Minimum income required: RM100,000 per annum.

CIMB Enrich World Elite Credit Card

Minimum income required: RM250,000 per annum.