• Personal Loan: Up to RM1,000 Cash Back for Online Application

For situations that matter, CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan is here for you.


6.88% flat rate is equivalent to Effective Interest Rate (EIR) of 12.31% p.a. For more information, on repayment table you may refer to Instalment Table

Loan relief for Covid-19 affected customers is applicable for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan, please click here for more information

*Next day approval refers to complete application submission via website excluding weekends and public holiday.


Campaign Period

10 February 2020 to 31 May 2020



1. RM300 cash back is only applicable for disbursed loan amount of RM20,001 to RM50,000, and RM1,000 cash back is only applicable for disbursed loan amount of RM50,001 and above.

2. Receive up to RM1,000 Cash Back when you apply for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan via CIMB Website with the following requirements:

(i)   Apply and upload the completed documentation for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan during the Campaign Period by using the digital form at CIMB Bank’s website (https://cplform.cimbbank.com.my/forms/cpl/)

(ii)  To complete the application online, follow the steps mentioned therein. Upon reaching the ‘Upload Documents’ section in Step 3 of the application process, upload the required documents as listed in the page, by choosing ‘Add Your Files’.

(iii)  For the avoidance of doubts, Eligible Participant(s) who select and click on ‘Upload Later’ will need to upload the required documents within 24 hours of submitting the application form to qualify for and to meet the Participating Criteria under this Campaign; and

(iv) CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan amount has been approved and fully disbursed within the Campaign Period by CIMB Bank to the Eligible Participant’s CIMB Conventional/Islamic Current or Saving account (“CASA/CASA-i”) or other Banks’ Current/Saving account. The Eligible Participant(s) must open a CASA/CASA-i with CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic Bank if the CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan approved and disbursed amount is more than RM29,900; and

(v) Eligible Participant(s) has paid first instalment of their CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan before the due date.

3. The Cash Back amount will be credited within fourteen (14) weeks from the end date of the Campaign period to the Eligible Participants’ active CASA/CASA-i or other Bank’s Current/Saving account.