• Junior Savers Account

Higher interest rates


Earn higher interest than normal savings accounts.

Bonus interest for saving regularly

Enjoy up to 100% bonus interest on the total interest earned, with monthly deposits of RM100 or more via Periodic Payment Instruction. For full Terms & Conditions, click here.

Savings passbook


A great way to motivate the young account holder to continue saving.

Step 1

Save with Junior Savers Account. Receive CIMB Junior Points based on the average quarterly balance in the account*. The points can be used to redeem merchandise at every quarter.


Step 2

Earn 1 CIMB Junior Points for every RM1,500 average quarterly balance. 


Step 3

Use those CIMB Junior Point(s) to redeem attractive merchandise via CIMB Clicks every quarter. To view full list of redemption items click here.



One (1)  Over-the-counter withdrawal allowed per month with no limit (up to remaining balance in the account).

No ATM card as the account will be linked to parent/guardian CIMB Clicks  ID.

*Every average quarterly balance of RM1,500 entitles you to one (1) Junior Point.

Eligible for PIDM Protection. To view PIDM's brochure, click here.


  • Individuals aged 12 years and below
  • Joint account is not allowed


  • Minimum initial deposit of RM100
  • Original birth certificate / MyKad
  • Parent's or guardian's IC

Balances (RM) Rates ( % p.a. )
Up to RM50,000 3.20%
Up to RM100,000 0.95%
Above RM100,000 1.45%

  Products/Items Charges


Closing of Savings Account (within 3 months from the date of account opened)



Closing of Savings Account (after 3 months but within 6 months from the date of account opened)



Dormant Account Activities Fee

RM10.00 annually after the date of notice sent to account holder

Note: The fees and charges listed above are inclusive of 0% goods and services tax (GST), where applicable.

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+603 6204 7788
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