• YOUth Savers Account

Freedom and control with Debit MasterCard

Use CIMB Bank Debit MasterCard to pay for purchases directly from the YOUth Savers Account at any merchant in the MEPS or MasterCard network. And, as an ATM Card to make withdrawals from all local and global ATMs (via the MEPS or Cirrus network). 

Bonus interest for saving regularly

Enjoy up to 100% bonus interest on the total interest earned, with monthly deposits of RM100 or more via Periodic Payment Instruction. For full Terms & Conditions, click here.

Online access via CIMB Clicks

Banking online is fast, convenient and secure. You can get prepaid mobile reloads, transfer funds, shop online… anytime, anywhere.  

Step 1

Save with YOUth Savers Account. Receive CIMB YOUth Points based on the average quarterly balance in the account*. The points can be used to redeem merchandise at every quarter.


Step 2

Earn 1 CIMB YOUth Point for every RM500 average quarterly balance. 


Step 3

Find out how to calculate your average quarterly balance & CIMB YOUth Points here.


Step 4

Use those CIMB Youth Point(s) to redeem attractive merchandise via CIMB Clicks every quarter. To view full list of redemption items click here.


*Every average quarterly balance of RM500 entitles you to one (1) YOUth Point. 

Eligible for PIDM Protection. To view PIDM's brochure, click here.


  • Individuals aged from 12 to below 24 years old
  • Joint account is not allowed


  • Minimum initial deposit of RM100
  • NRIC or passport
  • If you're aged 12 to below 18, your parent/legal guardian is needed to be present and to sign the Indemnity Letter for the issuance of debit card and internet banking access via CIMB Clicks

Tier Rates ( % p.a. )
Up to RM1,000 0.60
Up to RM5,000 0.70
Up to RM50,000 0.80
Up to RM100,000 0.95
Above RM100,000 1.45

  Products/Items Charges

Interbranch Online Transactions

No commission
2 Transfer of Funds Within Same Branch by Instruction RM5.30 per transaction
3 Online Interbank Giro (IBG) RM0.11 per transaction
4 Transfer of funds to another Bank by Instruction – RENTAS RM5.30 per transaction
5 Transfer of funds to another Bank by Instruction (Drawing Voucher/ Banker’s Cheque sent by Post) RM5.30 by Drawing Voucher/ Banker’s Cheque and RM0.15 for Stamp Duty on Banker’s Cheque
6 Closing of Savings Accounts (within 3 months of its opening) RM20
7 Transfer of Funds To Another Branch by Instruction RM5.30 per transaction
8 Closing of Savings Accounts (within 6 months of its opening) RM10.60
9 ATM card annual fee RM8.48
10 Reproduction of Statements of Savings Account for period up to 1 year

RM10.60 (upfront)

RM2.12 (additional page)

11 Reproduction of Statements of Savings Account for period exceeding 1 year 

RM31.80 (upfront)

RM2.12 (additional page)

12 Debit card annual fee RM15.90
13 Dormant Account Activities Fee RM10.60 annually after the date of notice sent to account holder
14 Replacement of lost/ stolen/ mishandled ATM/ debit card RM12

Note: The fees and charges listed above are stated inclusive of goods and services tax (GST), where applicable.

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