• Reward for CC Application

Campaign Period

1st August 2019  to 31st October 2019


Important Notes

1. The Eligible Applicant shall be entitled for the Gift if the following criteria are met:

i.The Applicant(s) submits a complete self-serve application for any CIMB Bank principal credit card via CIMB Bank Website or CIMB Clicks during the Campaign Period; AND

ii.The principal credit card must be successfully approved by CIMB Bank before 21st November 2019 and the credit card must be activated within sixty (60) days from the Card Approval Date; AND

iii.The Applicant(s) achieves a minimum Eligible Cumulative Retail Spending (as defined in the below table) within sixty (60) days from the Card Approval Date

2. The Gift to be given to the Eligible Participant is determined based on the channel of application utilized by the Applicant(s) and the minimum Eligible Cumulative Retail Spending made by CIMB Bank principal credit card as specified in the table below:





Submission Requirement



Minimum Eligible Cumulative Retail Spending


Campaign Reward (“Gift”)





CIMB Clicks and CIMB Website



*Self-serve submission only

Tier 1


RM100 Petronas Gift Card


First 500 customers

Tier 2


RM500 Cash Back

First 100 customers


Tier 3


1 unit of Samsung Galaxy A10


First 50 customers


*For clarity purposes, self-serve submission is defined as complete submission of CIMB Bank principal credit card application by the Applicant(s) including the upload of the supporting document(s), i.e. income document(s) via digital form at CIMB Clicks or CIMB Bank Website. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event the Applicant(s) being contacted by retail telemarketing consultant (RTC) to request for further supporting documents due to incomplete submission, the said application will be not considered as self-serve submission

3. This Campaign is open exclusively to New-to-Card Applicants  (customers who do not own a credit card issued by CIMB Bank)

4. The RM500 Cash Back will be credited to the Eligible Participants’ CIMB Bank Cards account (“CIMB Account”) within fourteen (14) weeks from the end of the Campaign.

5. The Gift(s) of RM100 Petronas Gift Card and/or Samsung Galaxy A10 will be delivered to the Applicant’s mailing address based on CIMB’s Bank record within fourteen (14) weeks after the end of the Campaign Period.

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