• Cash Advance


  • Greater flexibility and convenience when you need it the most.
  • Instant cash withdrawals, 24 hours a day, nationwide.
  • No documents or collaterals  required for approval.
  • Never miss out on your favorite shopping deals.

How to Obtain Cash Advance:

  • ATMs (Credit Card PIN required)*
    - Withdraw at any bank’s ATM, 24 hours a day    

  • CIMB Bank Branches
    - Over-the-counter by visiting any CIMB branch

Cash advance charges

5% of cash advance amount or minimum RM15.00, whichever higher

Cash advance interest rate

18% p.a. daily interest from total cash advance amount


How to Setup Your PIN:

*If you do not have your Credit Card PIN, you may create your PIN via ATM or CIMB Clicks.

Kindly take note that the provided PIN is only temporary. To access Cash Advance through an ATM, you will need to change the PIN number through ATM or CIMB Clicks.


(a) The Cardholder may obtain cash advances in such amount as notified to the Cardholder in the Bank’s Product Disclosure Sheet (“PDS”) for CIMB Bank Credit Cards which has been made available to the Cardholder as well as accessible at the Bank’s website address at www.cimbbank.com.my or otherwise notified in writing from time to time, by the following means:-
(i) presenting the Card at any branch of the Bank or of any member institution of VISA and/or MCI together with the evidence of his identity and signing the necessary transaction record;
(ii) use of the Card at any ATM of the Bank or of any other bank or institution with whom the Bank has an arrangement(s) for the use of the ATM of the said bank or institution (in which case the amount of each advance will be further subject to the applicable daily withdrawal limit of such ATM); or
(iii) for all out of country transactions via ATM and/or any member institutions of VISA and/or MCI whereupon the exchange rates (if applicable) imposed for such cash withdrawals shall be the prevailing exchange rates determined by the Bank at its sole discretion from time to time. The Cardholder shall be fully responsible for ensuring that such transactions shall not violate the laws existing in the country where the transactions are carried out.

(b) Finance charges will accrue on each cash advance from the date of the advance until repayment in full at the maximum rate of 1.5% per month, which is equivalent to 18% per annum (or such rate as the Bank may at its sole discretion decide if approved by Bank Negara Malaysia), which rate shall be notified to the Cardholder in the Cardholder’s Statement or otherwise in writing from time to time. A cash advance fee shall be assessed on the amount of each cash advance at the rate of 5.0% of the amount drawn (subject to a minimum of RM15.00), whichever is higher and shall be charged to the MasterCard Visa Card Account. The cash advance fee may be specified in the Statement and may be varied by the Bank from time to time after giving the Cardholder twenty one (21) calendar days notice before the effective date of implementation.

(c) The Cardholder may request the Bank to transfer funds from his MasterCard and/or Visa Card Account to any of his other accounts held with the Bank for any reasons including to honour cheques, settle any debit transactions and/or generally to place such funds into account where such account has insufficient funds whether due to the termination of an overdraft facility or otherwise. The Bank may (but shall not be obliged to) transfer funds as aforesaid. Funds transferred pursuant to this clause will be treated as a cash advance to the Cardholder.

(d) The Cardholder agrees to be liable for all cash advances performed through the Card regardless of whether such withdrawals are performed within or outside the assigned credit limit. For full terms and conditions, please refer to CIMB Bank Cardholder Terms & Conditions.