• eStatement

What is eStatement?

eStatement is an electronic version of your monthly account statement. Instead of receiving your usual printed statements, it is sent to your email address in PDF format. You can enjoy the convenience of viewing your statement online anytime.

Enjoy the following benefits when you switch to eStatement today:

  • No charge. Your statement will be emailed to you in PDF format at absolutely no cost. 
  • Fast delivery. Your eStatement will be sent to your email address maintained with CIMB. No more waiting. You can now plan your finances promptly. 
  • Accessibility. You can view your statements anytime, anywhere including on your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Security. Statements will be sent with password protection. No more lost or misplaced your monthly statement.

How do I switch to eStatement?
Please call our Consumer Contact Centre at +603-6204 7788 to switch to eStatement.

Do I have to pay for eStatement service?
There is NO fee to subscribe to eStatement service. It is free of charge!

Is the eStatement password protected?
 All you have to do is read the accompanying email which describes your password and key in the password to open the eStatement.

Is this secure? I am concerned about my personal data.
Since the eStatement is password protected, it could only be opened with your password. Please keep your password secure.

Will my payment due date change with eStatement?
 Your payment due date remains the same.

How will I know when my eStatement has been sent to me?
You will receive an email from CIMB Malaysia Estatement <e-statement@cimb.com>. To ensure that you receive your email statements and to avoid it from being directed to your spam or junk folders, we suggest that you add this email to your address book / contact list.

Can I revert back to paper statement?
If you wish to revert back to paper statement, please call our Consumer Contact Centre at +603-6204 7788.

I did not receive any notification that I will be converted to eStatement.
There will be notifications sent to you via your registered mobile number and registered email address.

I did not receive my eStatement.
Please ensure that your email address is updated in our system. You may call our Consumer Contact Centre to ensure this.

As an existing CIMB Clicks user, you can access your eStatement by following the below steps:

Steps to view your statement at CIMB Clicks:
Step 1
    : Login to CIMB Clicks www.cimbclicks.com.my
Step 2
    : Go to ‘My Account > eStatement > View eStatement
Step 3    : Select the month
Step 4    : Download your statement

In the event you do not see your CIMB Credit Card(s) in CIMB Clicks*, you can link it by following the below steps:
Steps to link CIMB Credit Card in CIMB Clicks*:
Step 1
    : Login to CIMB Clicks www.cimbclicks.com.my
Step 2
    : Go to ‘My Account > Credit Card
Step 3    : Select ‘Link My Credit Card’ from the drop down menu
Step 4    : Fill in your 16 digits credit card number and select your CIMB Clicks User ID
Step 5    : Click ’Submit’ and request TAC for your submission

* Only applicable for principal cardholders. We will take 2 working days to process your request

If you have forgotten your CIMB User ID / Password, you may login to CIMB Clicks and select ‘Forgot ID / Password’.

Please note that your access to the credit card statement electronically via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking is governed by the CIMB Bank Berhad’s Terms and Conditions for Statements Accessed Via CIMB Clicks in the Cardholder Terms and Conditions.


Important Notice

Please be informed, the paper statement fee of RM1.00 per month charged for hardcopy statement on each Credit Card will be postponed to 1 January 2020.

What is the difference between eStatement via CIMB Clicks and email statement?
eStatement via CIMB Clicks eStatement is an electronic version of your monthly statement accessible on our online banking platform known as CIMB Clicks. Email statement is your monthly credit card statement sent to your email address that is registered with the Bank.  

How do I sign-up for CIMB Credit Card/-i eStatement?
You can sign up for eStatement by calling our Consumer Contact Centre at +603-6204 7788 or visit your nearest CIMB Branch to update your email address.

How can I avoid the Credit Card/i Paper Statement Fee?

  • If you are currently receiving your credit card statements electronically, you will continue to receive eStatement at no cost.
  • If you are currently receiving hardcopy credit card/i statement and have a CIMB Clicks account or a registered email address with us, your credit card statement will be delivered to you electronically starting 1 October 2019.
  • If you have both CIMB Clicks and email with us, your credit card statements will be delivered to your registered email address and CIMB Clicks.
  • If you wish to receive email statements, please call us at +603-6204 7788 to update your preference. If you wish to continue to receiving hardcopy credit card statement, the RM1 paper statement fee will be imposed effective 1 October 2019 onwards.

How do I pay the statement fee?
The paper statement fee will be charged from your CIMB Credit Card/-i.

Who will be exempted from the Credit Card paper statement fee?

The following groups are exempted from Credit Card Statement Fee:

  • Customers aged 65 and above 
  • Customers who are differently abled* 
  • Customers facing difficulties in accessing their banking statements online (e.g. located in rural areas without internet)* 
  • CIMB Preferred customers   

*Customers are required to complete a self-declaration at any CIMB Branch 

How do I update my email address?
Due to security reasons, you may update your email address at your nearest CIMB branch or please call our Consumer Contact Centre at +603-6204 7788.  

When I will receive my eStatement if I enroll now?
Your eStatement will be delivered to your email / available on CIMB Clicks on your next statement cycle.

What software is required to download and view eStatement?
You will need Adobe Reader Software to view your online statement.