• Car Insurance

Sun AutoLife is a plan that is tailored to provide insurance coverage for all CIMB Bank customers who sign up for an auto financing facility.

With PPG Insurance, this means your car value will remain the same for up to 5 years in the event of total loss due to accidental damage, fire and/or theft.

CIMB Auto Relief Plus offers a wide scope of protection specially designed to provide car owners with peace of mind. It consists of a Personal Accident plan, a 24-Hour Car Assistance Program and a host of additional benefits such as temporary car replacement, compassionate cover in respect of total loss or irrecoverable theft of vehicle, burglary/break-in/robbery of personal belongings, compassionate (clean-up) cover in respect of flood damages and auto loan protection.

Private Motor Insurance provides comprehensive cover for private vehicles against loss or damage to own vehicle and/or against loss or damage which might cause to another person's vehicle or property and/or death or bodily injury to a third party.