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SunInvest-i is a single contribution investment-linked takaful plan that offers a combination of takaful protection and investment to person covered of up to age 991.

It provides a lump sum benefit if a person dies or suffers total and permanent disability (TPD) 2 during the term of contract. While the contract remains in force, 100% of the value of the investment account shall be payable upon survival of the person covered to the maturity date at age 99.


1   The maximum aggregate amount of the TPD benefit payable with respect to the TPD of the person covered under this and all other individual and group contracts or certificates shall not exceed RM2,000,000.

2    The TPD coverage will cease on the contract monthly anniversary immediately following the 65th birthday of the person covered.


Simple Enrolment

This plan provides guaranteed acceptance for all participants up to RM350,000 single contribution per life basis with no medical underwriting required.


A simplified underwriting is required if the single contribution amount exceeds RM350,000 upon enrolment.

Sum Covered Booster

The sum covered booster increases your coverage amount by 10% at the end of every 5 contract years up to 50% of adjusted single contribution3 is reached.


The sum covered booster benefit will be terminated when the total withdrawal amount is equal to or more than the initial single contribution or upon the claim of death or TPD benefit.

Diversified Investment Portfolio

Diversify your financial portfolio by investing into a wide range of investment-linked funds locally or globally to enjoy the potential investment returns.


Maximising your investment values with the high contribution allocation of up to 95% of initial single contribution.

Boost Your Investment Value

You have the flexibility to invest more when you have extra money by performing ad hoc top-up contribution4 and withdraw5 the money when you need it.


You can switch your investment funds anytime according to your risk tolerance level with no extra charges imposed.

Death & Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

a)    Basic sum covered and sum covered booster plus 95% of top-up contributions (if any) minus 100% withdrawals (if any); or


b)    Value of investment account at the time of claims; less any indebtedness.

Maturity Benefit

Upon maturity at the age of 99, you will receive 100% of the value of investment account, less any indebtedness at the maturity date of the contract.

3 The adjusted single contribution refers to the contribution amount net of the partial withdrawal amount from the initial single contribution under this plan.

4 You may contribute any ad hoc top-up contribution at any time after contract inception with a minimum amount of RM500.

5 You may withdraw the money via partial withdrawal facility, the minimum withdrawal amount is RM500 and subject to the minimum balance of RM5,000 of fund value.


Entry age: Based on the age of your last birthday basis.

Entry age limit:

  Person covered
Minimum entry age 30 days old
Maximum entry age 70* years old

For contract holder, the minimum entry age is 18 years old.

*The maximum entry age for TPD coverage is 64 years old.

This product is managed by Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad (689263-M), a Takaful Operator registered with Bank Negara Malaysia under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013.

Disclaimer: The description of the features and benefits of the takaful product herein is not a contract/certificate of family takaful and is only a brief summary of the takaful product for quick and easy reference. The complete terms and conditions of the takaful product are contained in the Contract/Certificate Document of Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad (689263-M), the Takaful Operator.

CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad ("Bank") accepts no responsibility, obligation or liability for this takaful product and the services provided by the Takaful Operator. The Bank merely acts as a distributor for this takaful product.This takaful product is Sun Life Malaysia’s product and not a product of the Bank. Therefore this takaful product is not guaranteed by the Bank, its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates and the Takaful Operator shall undertake the full responsibilities, obligations and liabilities in respect of this takaful product.

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