Mortgage loan instalment protection

Additional coverage against loss of rental




Additional coverage against liability to the public




Additional coverage against breakage of plate glass




Sum Insured (RM)

Plan 1

Plan 2

Section 1: Your Building                                                                                               

  • Loss or damage to your building due to fire, lightning, thunderbolt and subterranean fire and explosion caused by gas used for domestic purposes.
  • Loss or damage to your building by aircraft and other aerial devices and/or articles dropped therefrom, impact damage by any road vehicles or animals not belonging to or under the control of the Insured or any member of his family, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm, earthquake, volcanic eruption and flood excluding loss or damage caused by subsidence or landslip, subject to excess clause applicable.
  • Theft if by actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of the building.
  • Bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes excluding:

(a)        In respect of each and every loss the amount stated in the schedule      
            (excess - RM50.00)

(b)        Damage occurring while the building is left unattended.
·            Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage
·            Robbery and hold up   

You may extend coverage to the following risks by paying additional premium:-

·       Subsidence and landslip
·       Increase Limit of Breakage of  plate glass
.       Increase Limit of Rent

As per sum insured

Section 2: Your Contents*                                                                                               

Overall aggregate limit for household goods and personal effects



The maximum limit for personal effects



Section 3: Additional Benefits

Contents temporarily removed



Breakage of plate glass



Compensation for death



Servants property



Rent insurance

10% of Building sum insured

10% of Building sum insured

Liability to the public



Mortgage loan instalment protection (**Applicable for Buildings)



Note: Please refer to the policy contract for the full features and benefits.
Duration of cover is for one year. You need to renew your insurance cover annually.

*There is an extension to cover malicious attack and subsidence and landslip.
**Excludes theft-related claims.



Plan 1


Plan 2


Section 1: Your Building

The total premium that you have to pay may vary depending on our underwriting requirements:

·         Standard cover: RM <Insert premium> for the sum insured of RM<Insert sum insured>
.         Additional cover: RM <insert premium>

Total Amount Payable (inclusive of RM10.00 Stamp Duty & 6% Service Tax)

Section 2: Your Contents and Section 3: Additional Benefits

Total Amount Payable (inclusive of 6% Service Tax) 



Underwritten by Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad (62605-U)

Disclaimer: The description of the features and benefits of the insurance product herein is not a contract of insurance and is only a brief summary of the insurance product for quick and easy reference. The complete terms and conditions of the insurance product are contained in the Policy Document of Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad (Company No. 62605-U), the Insurer.  

CIMB Bank Berhad ("Bank") accepts no responsibility, obligation or liability for this insurance product and the services provided by the Insurer. The Bank merely acts as a distributor for this insurance product.

This insurance product is Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad's product and not a product of the Bank. Therefore this insurance product is not guaranteed by the Bank, its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates and the Insurer shall undertake the full insurance responsibilities, obligations and liabilities in respect of this insurance product.