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CIMB Bank would like your first home ownership experience to be a pleasant one. We hope this guide will help you select a suitable property loan that suits your needs and most importantly, your dream residence.

Housing Watch aims to provide timely information on the key factors that influence the demand and supply of housing in Malaysia as well as consumer aids to assist potential house buyers.



EPF Online Withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) provides fast and secured access to your EPF account; giving you the convenience to manage your loan repayment / financing payment at ease and saves you the hassle from visiting bank branches.



Refinancing lets you take advantage of current financing features, which can be more attractive than the terms of your original financing plan.

Useful Guides

Monthly Flexi Charge Calculator

Average Daily Balance (RM) Refer to your Flexi Loan monthly statement. Calculate the Average Daily Balance by adding Sum of Daily Account Balance and divide by the number of days for the month

Current Facility Limit (RM) Current Facility Limit (or “Principal Outstanding Owing”) shall mean principal amount incurred and owing to the bank under the Facility at the material time.

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