• EPF Online Withdrawal


EPF Online Withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) provides fast and secured access to your EPF account; giving you the convenience to manage your loan repayment/financing payment at ease and saves you the hassle from visiting bank branches.


You can apply online at anytime convenient to you.

Fast application & online approval help you to save on traffic and processing time at the branches.

The secured EPF automated facility will be directly credited into member’s or housing loan/financing account.

Your loan/financing repayment will always be on time.


All you need is just a registered EPF i-Akaun, and have made previous withdrawals for reducing or redeeming your Housing Loan/Financing; or to pay monthly instalment.

1. What is EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran)?

EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) is a facility for EPF members with i-Akaun to submit their withdrawals application online.

2. Can anyone else submit EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) application on behalf of the members?

No, the EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) application is made through members’ i-Akaun which are password-protected. For safety reasons, members are advised not to reveal their passwords to other individuals.

3. Do the members need to bring any document for thumbprint verification at EPF counter?

• Original identification card (MyKad/MyPR/Police ID/Military ID) for members' identify verification.

• Members will be notified of any additional/supporting documents through i-Akaun Secured Messaging.

4. How can members check their application status and payment?

• Through i-Akaun; or

• Contact the EPF Contact Management Centre at +603 8922 6000; or

• Visit any EPF counter

5. Why do members need to have i-Akaun to use EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran)?

Members need to have i-Akaun to utilise the EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) as it is equipped with built-in safety features that will ensure i-Akaun data integrity and confidentiality of members information.

6. Can members withdraw for their spouses?

This facility is not available at the moment.

7. Why is the withdrawal to Reduce/Redeem Housing Loan/Financing Application under EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) limited to those who have approved record after 1 January 2011?

This requirement is to ensure the withdrawal is made in accordance with the latest property record in EPF.

8. What are the advantages of EPF online withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) to members?

• e-Submission and Online Eligibility Checking

- Submission can be done anywhere, anytime and online checking of withdrawal eligibility.

• e-Process (Mapping Process and Thumbprint Authenficition)

- Application will be automatically approved upon thumbprint verification at EPF counter.

• e-Payment

- Direct crediting into members’ savings/current account or housing/financing account.

• e-Communication

- Members will be notified by SMS and i-Akaun Secured Inbox Messaging.


NOTE: CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic Bank accept no responsibility, obligation or liability for the services provided by EPF. This EPF online withdrawal service is not a service of either CIMB Bank and/or CIMB Islamic Bank and therefore it is not guaranteed by the bank, its subsidiaries and/or it affiliates.