What is CIMB eIPO?

This is an Internet share application service provided by CIMB via CIMB Clicks to allow you to subscribe for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) online.

What are the eligibility requirements for eIPO?

  • You must be a Malaysian resident and citizen above the age of 18
  • You must be a CIMB Internet Banking registered user
  • You must have a CDS account registered in your name, opened with any securities firm. Nominee accounts are not allowed

What accounts can I use to apply for the eIPO?

You can apply for the eIPO using your Savings or Current Account at CIMB Bank.

Can I submit an application using another CDS account number, for example my family and friends’ accounts?

No. If you submit an application using another CDS account number, your application will be rejected by the Malaysian Central Depository (MCD). The regulations require you to provide your own name and CDS account number to for eIPO.

How do I make the eIPO application payment?

Your account will be debited upon a successful eIPO application.

Is there a service charge for eIPO?

Yes. There will be a service charge for CIMB CDS and Other CDS account holders. The service charge will be automatically debited from your debiting account. Please refer to Service Charges under eIPO section.

Can I download and view the prospectus?

Yes. Select the "View eProspectus" link in the eIPO application page to view the prospectus. You may also save the prospectus to your PC.

What are the risks associated with online IPO applications?

Potential risks of online applications include interruption, transmission blackout, delayed transmission due to data congestion in the Internet traffic and incorrect data transmission due to the public nature of the Internet.

Is this service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes, the eIPO is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that you may submit your online application for the desired IPO once the prospectus is issued until the closing date and time as indicated, or any such time as the issuer of the IPO, the offeror (where relevant) and the Managing Underwriter/Underwriter (where relevant) may in their absolute discretion mutually decide.

Can I amend or cancel my application once submitted?

No, you cannot amend or cancel your application once submitted.

How do I know whether my application is successful or not?

You can check by viewing the eIPO Application Status. There will be 5 types of status:

  • Successful - You have been allotted all units requested for (subjected to verification from Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd)
  • Unsuccessful - No units were allotted to you
  • Partial - Partial units have been allotted to you
  • Reserve - Your application has been put in the reserve list
  • Pending - Waiting for balloting result

If my application is partially successful, how will I receive the refund for the unsubscribed portion?

CIMB will arrange a refund of your application by crediting the relevant sum into the account which the money was debited from.

If I click the 'Back' button, will the transaction/payment that I have submitted previously be deleted from the system?

Clicking the 'Back' button at any stage will bring up the previously viewed page. If you have proceeded to submit and confirm any transactions, the transactions are considered valid and accepted by us.

Who determines my allocation?

The issuer of the IPO will determine the allocation of shares between applicants as per the basis described in the respective prospectus or offer document. Should an offer be over-subscribed, your application may be scaled back to less than the number of shares you have applied for, or you may not be successful in your application.

When will I get my refund if my application is unsuccessful?

You should get your refund within three working days after CIMB receives the balloting results from the Issuing House.

Who can I contact regarding eIPO Services?

Please call our CIMB Consumer Contact Centre at +603 6204 7788 for further assistance.

What are Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS)?

ETBS are fixed income securities, also known as bonds or sukuk*, that are listed and traded on the stock market. ETBS are issued either by companies or governments (the issuer) to raise funds for their needs. ETBS have varying structures such as fixed rate, floating rate and hybrids. 

*Sukuk refers to issues that complies with Shariah principles

Where can I get more info on ETBS?

Visit this website for more info.