What is CIMB EVA?

CIMB EVA is a conversational banking app designed to help you manage your daily banking needs faster, easier and smarter. With CIMB EVA, you can now easily view your portfolio, pay bills, perform fund transfers, and reload your prepaid phones through chat. With smart features such as bill payment reminder & spend analyser, you can manage your spending easily at your fingertips. CIMB EVA also comes with Messenger feature whereby you will receive notifications of your account activities, as well as the latest offers from CIMB.

Who is EVA?

CIMB EVA is a chat bot. Chat bots are programmed to simulate conversations that mirror that of between two people.

What are the requirements to use CIMB EVA? Am I eligible to use CIMB EVA?

You will need to have a valid CIMB Clicks User ID and a mobile device running either iOS 8.1 and above OR Android 4.1 and above. If you are not a CIMB Clicks user yet, you may register online at

How do I download the CIMB EVA app?

CIMB EVA can be downloaded from:

  • Apple App Store on devices running iOS 8.1 and above; OR
  • Google Play on devices running Android 4.1 and above

Do I have to pay to download CIMB EVA?

CIMB EVA is free to download. However, data charges may apply based on your individual data plan. Please refer to your telecommunication provider for further information on data charges.

Can I use CIMB EVA if I have no data plan or Wi-Fi connection?

No. All transactions and messages can only be performed and received while on data plan or Wi-Fi.

Can I download and setup CIMB EVA on more than one device?

Yes, you are able to download and setup CIMB EVA on more than one mobile device. However for security reasons, personalised notifications will only be sent to the mobile device you have most recently logged in to. Please make sure you have CIMB EVA in your most often used mobile device.

Do I need CIMB EVA if I already have the CIMB Clicks mobile app?

CIMB EVA is a lightweight alternative to the CIMB Clicks mobile app. We encourage that you download both CIMB EVA and CIMB Clicks as they bring difference experience and we will bring to you different services and improvements that would better serve your banking needs.

A chat banking app sounds cool, but is it secure?

Yes, we use the same encryption technology and security expected from our mobile banking application. We'd like to remind you NOT to reveal your User ID or Password to anyone. Contact us at +603-6204 7788 if you notice any irregular or unauthorised transactions.

Sometimes EVA does not seem to understand what I’m trying to tell her, why is that?

EVA is a young chat bot so she is still learning how to understand our customers and how to best serve their banking needs. This will take time but she will get better with each interaction.

Why do I need to key in TAC received via SMS during first-time login?

This is an additional layer of security feature we use to ensure you are the rightful owner of the CIMB Clicks ID in use. You will be required to key in the TAC received via SMS in addition to your User ID and Password during first-time login.

Can I use CIMB EVA app on my friend's phone?

Yes, you may use the CIMB EVA app on a device belonging to someone else to perform transactions using your own CIMB Clicks ID but it is important to observe caution by logging out before returning the device.

Why am I unable to access CIMB EVA after jailbreaking/having rooted my mobile device?

As a security precaution, jail-broken or rooted mobile devices are not able to access CIMB EVA.

Where can I change the pop-up notification for CIMB EVA?

CIMB EVA notifications settings can be updated in Settings > Notifications on both Android and iOS devices.

What are the operating hours for CIMB EVA?

CIMB EVA is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled maintenance downtime.

Can I login to CIMB Clicks Online Banking, CIMB Clicks mobile app and CIMB EVA simultaneously?

No, you can only login to either one (1) of these banking channels at a time.

What if I want to change my device?

Before you change devices, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the CIMB EVA on your existing device
  2. Login with your CIMB Clicks credentials.
  3. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  4. Tap on ‘Deactivate’.
  5. You may now download and setup CIMB EVA on your new device.

How do I deactivate Messenger on my CIMB EVA mobile app?

  1. Launch the CIMB EVA on your device
  2. Login with your CIMB Clicks credentials.
  3. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  4. Tap on ‘Deactivate’.

How do I disable push notifications from CIMB EVA?

(May vary depending on device)

  1. Go to device ‘Settings’.
  2. Look up ‘CIMB EVA’ app.
  3. Disable push notifications.

What can I do using Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint on the CIMB EVA?

You can enjoy quick & secure access to view Quick Balance with Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint feature. 

Where can I activate or deactivate CIMB EVA service such as Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint?

You can activate or deactivate biometric authentication feature by logging in to the CIMB EVA and navigate to Settings. 

What are the devices that support Face ID/Touch ID/Fingerprint login?

Biometric login feature is supported for:

  • iOS device running version 8.0 and is Face ID/Touch ID compatible
  • Android device running version 6.0 and support fingerprint authentication

Why do I still get prompted to enter my password after scanning my fingerprint?

Touch ID/Face ID/Fingerprint allows quick access to view your account balances only. Password is required for any other functions as an added security feature to safeguard your account.

My phone was stolen / I lost my phone, what should I do?

If your phone was stolen / lost, call us at +603 6204 7788 in order for us to deactivate your CIMB Clicks account from your device. Alternatively, you may deactivate your stolen / lost devices from the CIMB EVA Settings on another mobile device that you have previously activated.

I am below the age of 18 and am blocked from various services in CIMB EVA.

Certain features such as Bill Payments are only available for customers above the age of 18.

Will all messages exchanged through CIMB EVA be kept on the app?

No. After each conversation ends on CIMB EVA, messages exchanged will be cleared.

How do I view past transactions performed on CIMB EVA?

To view your transaction history, please use CIMB Clicks Mobile App or visit

I used to be able to view a breakdown on my spending but now it is no longer available, why is that?

We are only able to generate an analysis of your spending if you have made a minimum of 5 transactions on your CIMB debit, credit or prepaid card that is linked to your CIMB Clicks account used for login in the last 90 days.

What is a payment reminder?

Payment reminder is a smart feature that predicts and reminds you of your upcoming payments by analysing your payment history. Currently payment reminders includes merchant bill payment, JomPAY, CIMB Credit Card and CIMB Loans payment.

How do I set and get reminded for my monthly payments?

Payment reminder will be automatically set up if you have paid each of your bills, credit card or loans for 3 months consecutively on your CIMB Clicks account.

I was in the middle of performing transaction when my internet connectivity was interrupted, how do I check if the transaction was processed?

You may check your transaction history using CIMB Clicks App or visit

Which countries is CIMB EVA available in?

Currently, CIMB EVA app is only available in Malaysia.

Who should I call if I encounter problems when using CIMB EVA?

You may contact us at +603 6204 7788 for assistance.