ATM Regional Link

What is CIMB ATM Regional Link service?

CIMB ATM Regional Link service is a cross-border ATM withdrawal service that enables our ATM/Debit cardholders to withdraw cash in foreign currency across CIMB's ATM network across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.

What are the types of transactions offered for this cross-border service?

For the time being, this cross border ATM service only supports cash withdrawal transaction and balance enquiry.

What if my card gets caught/stuck in the ATM machine overseas?

If you have enter the PIN wrongly 3 times, or perform any other errors, the card will be ejected out of the machine. As such, you should not have this problem. However, in the event your card is caught due to other ATM machine related issues, please visit your local branch in your home country, to collect your ATM card.

Who is eligibile to use this service?

All ATM/Debit cardholders are allowed to use this service.

How can I use this service?

You will need to activate your card in order to use the Regional ATM Service. The activation can be done via the following channels:

  • Local ATMs
  • Local Branches
  • CIMB Clicks
  • By contacting our Call Centre in Malaysia.

How many ATMs are available for me to withdraw cash?

CIMB Malaysia: 2,235 ATMs

CIMB Thai: 522 ATMs

CIMB Niaga: 1,827 ATMs

CIMB Singapore: 6 ATMs

CIMB Bank PLC (Cambodia): 10 ATMs

Will I be able to activate this facility if I am overseas already?

You will not be able to activate this facility via ATMs or CIMB Branches located overseas. However, you may perform the activation via CIMB Clicks. Alternatively, you may contact our call center in Malaysia for activation.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit?

The withdrawal limit will depend on your ATM card limit.

How can I contact the call centre in other countries?

CIMB Malaysia: 03-6204 7788 (Local) 

CIMB Thai:  0-2626 7777

CIMB Niaga: 14041

CIMB Singapore: 6333 7777

CIMB Bank PLC (Cambodia): 855 23 988 388