Car Loans

Hire Purchase

  Products/Items Charges
1 Road Tax Renewal RM10.60
2 JPJ Search RM21.20
3 Puspakom Inspection (VR1) RM29.70
4 Postage of Hire Purchase Agreement (per recipient) RM2.65
5 Stamp duty on HP / Guarantee Agreement (per agreement) RM10
6 Stamp duty on R & R Agreement (per agreement) RM10

Courier Services
-Within Malaysia

-To East Malaysia





8 Consent letter for change engine/registration number, transfer of vehicle between East and West Malaysia RM53.00 per letter
9 Audit Confirmation RM10.60 per request
10 Additional Loan Statement (half year no charge) RM21.20 per request
11 Photocopy/Faxing of Guarantee Agreement RM8.50 per request
12 Photocopy/Faxing of Hire Purchase Agreement RM16.95 per request
13 Photocopy/Faxing of Approval Permit RM7.40 per request
14 Photocopy/Faxing of Registration Card RM7.40 per request


  • Charges are inclusive of the 6.00% Goods and Services Tax, where applicable
  • Rounding up /down mechanism to the nearest RM0.05 implemented, where applicable