Personal Loans

ASB Financing

BR + 1.55% p.a. throughout the loan tenure

BR as at 15 May 2019 : 4.00%

Cash Plus Personal Loan

Employment Type Loan Amount (RM) Effective Lending Rate 
(Fixed rate, reducing balance, daily rest)
Equivalent to fixed rate 
(Subject to customer remains until end of tenure)
Salaried 50k-100k 14.50% p.a. 8.20% p.a.
Salaried 20k-<50k 18.62% p.a. 10.88% p.a.
Salaried 2k-<20k 24% p.a. 14.66% p.a.
Self Employed 2k-100k 24% p.a. 14.66% p.a.

Credit Line Secured Overdraft

Facility Overdraft Type  Segment Interest Rates
Credit Line Secured Overdraft   Personal OD Secured By Fixed Deposit Private Banking/Preferred/Prime Banking/Mass Market BR + 1.10%
Personal OD Secured By Multiple Collateral Preferred/Prime Banking BR + 1.60%
Personal OD Secured By Amanah Saham Bumiputera Private Banking/Preferred/Prime Banking/Mass Market BR + 1.60%