Property Loan

Property Loan

The Prevailing Interest Rate in the letter of offer which is applicable to customers unless default in repayment of interest/instalment occurs when the Default Clause will then apply.

A 21 days notice was given on 20 November 2012 stating the Default Clause as a new term or an amended one. The Default Clause will now read as follows:

"Upon your default in making payment for any monthly interest due pending the commencement of instalment or default in the payment of any monthly instalment due, the Bank shall be entitled to vary the interest rate for the facility to BLR + (the rate as in letter of offer) or to such rate as may be prescribed at the Bank’s absolute discretion upon giving you adequate prior notice"

Residential Property Loan- Current Board Rate

Loan Amount  Interest Rate (p.a.)  Effective Interest Rate (p.a.)   
< RM200K BR + 1.45% 5.45%
 ≥ RM200K to RM350K BR + 1.35% 5.35%
> RM350K to RM500K BR + 1.15% 5.15%
> RM500K 

BR + 1.05%



  1. Base Rate (BR) as at 15 May 2019 is 4.00% p.a.
  2. Please visit any of our CIMB Bank branches for promotional interest rate.