• CIMB Enrich World Elite MasterCard

Fastest way to more Enrich Miles


Earn 1 Bonus Mile for every equivalent RM1 spent overseas¹ and 1 Bonus Mile for every RM2 spent locally up to 150,000 Bonus Miles earned. Continue to spend after 150,000 Bonus Miles earned and accumulate 1 Bonus Mile for every RM4 spent for both local and overseas.


Redeem 1,000 Enrich Miles with 1,000 Bonus Miles.


Bonus Mile validtiy: 3 years


Bonus Miles tier of 150,000 is refreshed every Card Anniversary, 

1 Bonus Mile = 1 Enrich Mile.

Extra Rewards with online bookings


Book your flight on malaysiaairlines.com and earn 1 additional Bonus Mile for every RM1 spent online.










Exclusive access to Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge

Enjoy unlimited access to Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge in and outside of Malaysia. Present your CIMB Enrich Elite MasterCard together with your Malaysia Airlines boarding pass at any Golden Lounge and you’ll be pampered with true Malaysian Hospitality.


List of Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounges:

KLIA International

KLIA Regional

KLIA Domestic




Kota Kinabalu


Priority booking for Malaysia Airlines Promotions

Be the first to know the best deals as you will enjoy priority booking 4 hours before selected Malaysia Airlines flight & travel offers are released to the public. 

Extend your golfing circuit with CIMB Bank and play at prestigious clubs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

CIMB Enrich World Elite MasterCard Concierge

You deserve comprehensive, creative, personalized assistance – from difficult-to-access restaurants to hidden vacation retreats and once-in-a-lifetime events, we’re here to brings your dream to life.


Take advantage of the assistance our concierge can provide 24 hours a day,7 days a week,365 days a year.


Please call us at +603-6204 7799.

MasterCard Global Service™

Our MasterCard Global Service Representative is just a free call away, wherever you may be, and is ready to provide you with assistance in any language for lost and stolen card reporting. Emergency Card Replacement (ECR) will be delivered to you or you may get your Emergency Cash Advance (ECA) within an hour at any of over 250,000 Western Union locations around the world.

3 ways to redeem Enrich Miles with Bonus Miles

  • Redemption via CIMB’s Bank Website
  • Call Member Rewards Support Team at +603 6204 7788
  • Fax Order Form – Credit Cardmember to 03-21807419 (e-form PDF)

1Overseas retail spending refers to retail transactions that are charged at merchants whose registered country code is outside of Malaysia.  The Bank’s 1% administrative cost shall not apply for overseas spend. However, the conversion rate plus any transaction fee as determined by MasterCard International shall apply.

Bring convenience and protection with you

Travel inconvenience & cancellation insurance

Inconvenience is sometimes a part of travel – but you shouldn’t have to deal with it. You can be compensated when your luggage goes amiss or if there are flight delays.

Travel accident & medical insurance

Count on prompt and generous compensation of up to
USD 2,000,000 during unforeseen circumstances while travelling.


Extended warranty


Whether it’s a brand new phone, television or home appliance, you can be sure of having a warranty extension on your purchases. 


Purchase protection


In case of theft or accidental damage, most purchases you make with your card may be protected.

Collision damage waiver


Comprehensive collision damage coverage is a benefit you’ll enjoy each time you pay for a full car rental with your CIMB Enrich World Elite Card.

e-Commerce Protection


Feel even more secured today with up to USD1,000 worldwide coverage for all your online purchases if:

  • delivery of purchased item is incomplete or wrong item is delivered.
  • item is unable to function properly due to physical damage to delivered items.
  • non-delivery of purchased item after 30 days of scheduled delivery.

Wallet Protection Insurance

Your wallet now comes with extra protection. In the event of a theft, burglary, robbery (insured event) or accidental loss, get reimbursed up to USD500 for the cost incurred, including:

  • replacing wallet or cards
  • reissuing passport or ID documents

Click here to view the full terms and conditions for e-Commerce and Wallet Protection Insurance

Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please refer to the:

  • Complimentary Green Fees

    Enjoy complimentary green fees up to 4 times per golf club per year at some of the world’s renowned golf courses in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia,  Vietnam and Philippines.
  •  Check out our golfing privileges here
  • CIMB Shopping & Dining Privileges
    Discover amazing privileges when you shop and exclusive offers when you dine.

    Check out our shopping & dining privileges here
  • Regional Dining Privileges

    CIMB invites you to embark on a regional gourmet tour of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Enjoy exclusive hotel dining privileges at up to 50% off with CIMB Bank credit card as you explore the various fine dining establishments within the region.

    View the full list of participating hotel partners here

The minimum income requirement for CIMB Enrich World Elite MasterCard is RM250,000 per annum. 

Supplementary Card

Share the benefits of your CIMB Bank credit card with your loved ones by giving them a supplementary card today.

Touch ‘n Go Zing Card

Be a smart driver and enjoy the convenience of auto-reload with the Touch ‘n Go Zing card.

Goods & Services Tax (GST) (Effective 1 April 2015)
The fees/charges where published are inclusive of “Goods and Services Tax (GST)” where applicable and you shall be liable for all goods and services tax payable in connection with or arising out of credit cards or other cards issued to you under this application or any accounts or services in connection therewith and you authorise the bank to debit your account for the same.

  Principal Supplementary
Annual Fee RM1,288 RM288

Annual fee waiver at:



No waiver

Total Annual Spending* Required:

RM1,000,000 and above

RM500,000 - RM999,9999

Less than RM500,000

Finance Charge for Retail Transaction

The charges are:

  • 1.25% per month or 15% per annum if you have promptly settled your minimum payment due for 12 consecutive months
  • 1.42% per month or 17% per annum if you have promptly settled your minimum payment due for at least 10 months in a 12-month cycle.
  • 1.50% per month of 18% per annum if your payment record is not within either (a) or (b) above.
Finance Charge for Cash Transaction 1.5% per month or 18% per annum calculated on daily rest basis from transaction date to the date it is settled in full.
Cash Advance Fee The cash advance fee is 5% of the amount advanced or a minimum of RM 15.90, whichever is higher. This is imposed for each cash advance transaction.
Minimum Monthly Repayment 5% of the outstanding balance or a minimum of RM 50 whichever is higher.
Late Payment Charge 1% of the total outstanding balance as at statement date or a minimum of RM 10, whichever is higher, capped to a maximum of RM 100 and will only be imposed if the minimum payment due is not paid by the due date.
Finance Charges Free Period

Full payment on previous statement balance:

  • Enjoy a finance charges free period of 20 days for all new retail transactions from statement date.

Partial or minimum payment on previous statement balance:

  • No finance charges period.
  • A finance charge will be levied on your unpaid outstanding balance and all new transactions from the date the transactions are posted.
Conversion for Overseas Transaction The conversion rate as determined by MasterCard International plus any transaction fee charged by MasterCard International.
Replacement Card 1st time – RM10
Subsequent – RM50
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