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Settling High Interest Debts  
If you earn a stable income and are confident that your job is secure, one way to take the pressure off your finances is to consolidate your debts. This means rolling your existing high interest debts into a single financing facility with lower interest. Depending on the method you use, consolidation might help you save on interest and get out of your high-interest debt faster. It can also provide the convenience of one monthly repayment instead of several. Our financing packages can help you do this easily.
Personal OD secured by Fixed Deposit (FD) 
Why This Financing Facility?
With the overdraft against FD facility, your FD continue to remain in your name and earn interest for you, while you avail finance against them.
Interest charged only on utilized amount
Interest is calculated on a daily rest basis, meaning the more you pay up on your principal, the lower the interest charges.

Individuals aged 21 to 70 years old
Minimum pledge collateral of RM10,000
Collaterals Local Currency Fixed Deposits
Margin of Financing
CIMB Local Currency FD - without interest withdrawal (Up to 100% face value)
CIMB Local Currency FD - with interest withdrawal (Up to 95% face value)

Financing Amount
Min: RM10,000
Financing Tenure Reviewed annually  

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