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Specialty Accounts  
It’s always good to have a goal in mind. Set a target, commit yourself to achieving it and you’ll reap the fruits of your labour! Inculcate the habit in your children and they’ll learn the importance of saving. As you save for their education, you’ll also give them a good start towards achieving their dreams. Older citizens can save towards better financial independence after retirement. Even the eco-conscious can do something to help the environment while saving up.
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Junior Savers Account  
Senior Savings Account  
Why This Account?
  1. A savings account for kids which offers high yielding savings plan with bonus interest of 100% on annual interest earned and exclusive benefits and privileges for both parents and kids
  2. Children can have fun with children edutainment via kids activities on-line and on-ground
  3. Open Junior Savers Account and be part of CIMB Junior!
    Please click here for more information on CIMB Junior
An account for those aged 50 years or above who want higher interest rates calculated on a daily basis.
Joint account is allowed as long as one accountholder is aged 50 years or above.
1. Multi-tier interest rate
2. Bonus Interest
100% bonus interest if there are no lapses of SI of at least RM100 from a CIMB Bank account during the calendar year;
50% bonus interest if there are 1 or 2 lapses of SI of at least RM100 from a CIMB Bank account during the calendar year;.
No bonus interest will be paid if there are ? 3 lapses of SI of at least RM100 from a CIMB Bank account during the calendar year.

The computation of the bonus interest/incentive will be calculated on a pro-rated basis for the relevant calendar year from the start date of your regular monthly savings via PPI being carried out.

Note: Standing Instruction charges is waived

Tiered daily interest rates based on account balance.  
ATM / Debit Card No Yes  
Statement No Quarterly account statement  
Passbook Yes Yes  
Min Account Opening RM300 RM250 for statement savings account or RM500 for passbook savings account  

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